Acupuncture brings much needed relief from nausea during pregnancy.

When I found out I was finally pregnant, I was overjoyed. However, very quickly that joy turned to misery as all-day “morning” sickness knocked me out. In my research to find things that might help, I found Katrina’s practice, and reached out. She responded quickly and warmly, and I felt after one conversation like I was in excellent hands. After just one appointment I could tell she knew just what I needed, and how to support me. I saw Katrina throughout my entire first trimester plus, and after each treatment I felt some much needed relief from the nausea, but beyond that I slept much better, got rid of nightmares, and best of all felt incredible mental support and encouragement through the whole process. Katrina has definitely been a gift to me through this mentally and physically challenging period, and I am so grateful to her for all her help and support in getting my joy back. Thank you, Katrina!

Brooke Damerel, MPH, RD

Acupuncture for conception is Effective.

Prior to meeting Katrina Lake, my partner and I received discouraging news regarding my ability to conceive. Feeling emotionally fragile, I reached out to Katrina who at that time was a complete stranger. Talking to her on the phone for the first time felt like my first sign of hope. Right away she encouraged me to not give up. Her voice was instantly soothing and reassuring. I knew right away she was worth trying.

Throughout the course of weekly sessions, Katrina personalized my pre-pregnancy treatment. I was pleasantly surprised this was not just about sticking needles all over my body, it was about taking the right approach from foods to herbs to a successful conception. Needless to say, Katrina was undeniably caring, impressively knowledgable, forever encouraging, and most of all EFFECTIVE.

With the help of our wonderful fertility endocrinologist (recommended by Katrina) and this effective acupuncture treatment, we conceived on the first try. After conception, I continued my weekly acupuncture treatments. Thanks to acupuncture and the care Katrina gave me during pregnancy, I did not experience morning sickness, ankle swelling, or extreme fatigue.

We welcomed our beautiful and healthy baby girl last fall.

Successful Pregnancy

After three years of trying for a baby I am now 34 weeks pregnant and I know without a doubt this is thanks to Katrina’s skill, intuition, support, and care. Throughout our journey, my husband and I saw so many ups and downs. We saw three different reproductive endocrinologists, had two failed IVF cycles, two miscarriages, and multiple other procedures trying to get and stay pregnant. During the last year of our journey, Katrina helped us navigate these uncertain waters and kept us healthy and motivated as we moved forward. Ultimately we were able to conceive our daughter naturally and I credit Katrina with getting us to the point where that was possible. I have continued to see her throughout my pregnancy and have had a wonderful experience and a very happy, healthy pregnancy. Katrina is a very special human being and I feel so lucky to have her in my life

Third Time’s A Charm

I was introduced to Katrina Lake after two failed IVFs. At that time, I felt tired, sad and hopeless. My first meeting with Katrina lasted longer than two hours. She listened to my experience, asked the details of all my tests and procedures. She told me the struggles and success stories of her other patients. She worked out a treatment plan with me, and gave me comprehensive guidance on diet and exercise. She made me feel understood and encouraged. I followed her instructions and did twice weekly treatments for about three months before the third IVF. Everything went smoothly this time and I got pregnant successfully. I was so excited yet nervous. I continued my weekly sessions with Katrina throughout my pregnancy, and she was there every step of the way. I delivered naturally a nine pounds healthy baby boy at full term, and became a mother after these many years of trying. Katrina visited me at the hospital the very next day. Looking at her holding my baby, I knew I would not have made it without her help. I highly recommend Katrina Lake as a very qualified acupuncturist. Her professionalism, knowledge and skills, her sympathetic ears and kind heart will make your journey towards motherhood easier. I wish you the best of luck.