Leading an Elegant Life

written May 24,2017
by Katrina Lake

what does it mean to lead an elegant life?

it means you do not gossip or judge other people.
it means that you have have compassion most importantly for yourself so you can share it with others.
it means you have friends you resonate with and can get to know through different phases of your life.
it means you allow yourself to fail, each time failing more gracefully.
it means you know when and how and who to ask for help.
it means you know how to love and hate well, preferably simultaneously.
it means you can hold all aspects of yourself in true acceptance.
it means you have experienced pain and loss and found healing and growth and liberation from both.
it means you found your ming, your right livlihood.
it means you used your gifts in this lifetime to serve humanity with light.
it means you allowed yourself to find your own truth.
it means you loved yourself fiercely and made choices from this place even if it meant setting someone you loved free.
it means knowing what makes you happy and allowing yourself the opportunity to experience as many of these things as often as you like.
at times it means having tunnel vision and shutting out what is hurtful or harmful so you can stay in the light.

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